More About Me

I am an LA city girl who relocated to Arcata at the age of 19 to finish my education at Humboldt State University, where I completed my BA and MA. I purchased my first home, started a business, and had my first child at 21. Some may say, I was a fast-paced city girl, but I was just on a mission in life, and have found prosperity ever since. I have five birth children, and 4 stepchildren, all of whom are amazing, successful people that have always inspired me. I began my real estate career in Washington State, specializing in residential and waterfront properties, vacant lands, agricultural developments, rentals, and commercial estates. This wide range of real estate experience has afforded me the opportunities to build my own homes, own and lease farmlands, and ultimately develop the multi-million-dollar Ladanyi Lakeshore Estates. Having spent a lifetime buying, selling, and developing property, I understand the complexities, fortitude, commitment, and dedication that it takes to close your real estate deal, making the impossible possible.Let us take a leap of faith together, by letting me serve you, in the Real Estate Community of Humboldt and beyond.